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In the Shops: The Record Collector


The Record Collector, tucked into a warren of inventory-stuffed rooms behind an unassuming storefront on Melrose, serves as a mecca for the obsessive type for which the store is named. Owner Sanders “Sandy” Chase stocks more than a million vinyls in less than 4,000 square feet—a collection he’s amassed with his archivist, Henry Gastelum, since 1976—and his deep-seated love for music dictates the near-magical vibe wafting through the store.

Chase will tell visitors who strike up a conversation anything they might want to know about the most fantastic or obscure stories behind contemporary music, offering up knowledge and entertainment to rival the store’s selection of rare collector’s albums, antique and obsolete equipment and just about any hard-to-find record ever produced.

For those who might consider themselves record collectors, or who are just plain vinyl-obsessed, a visit to the store wouldn’t just be a shopping excursion while in LA, it’d be closer to a religious pilgrimage.