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Jadis Prop Shop & Curiosity Cabinet

Out There

Born from dangerous liaisons, a million questions, and a few knock-down drag-outs, Jadis Prop Shop & Curiosity Cabinet seems to exist as some sort of hybrid between museum, treasure chest, and spectacular attic. Practically speaking, Jadis rents “pre-computer era” scientific and industrial contraptions to be used as props for TV and film, and goods from the appointment-only shop have been used on the big screen by the likes of Batman and the X-Men, to name a few.

For those just looking to browse the wonders of antique optical and aviation equipment and models, typewriters, and doodads of all ilks, a requested $1 donation opens the doors—as long as you call ahead. Jadis makes for a decidedly non-Hollywood destination within LA, while still taking you to the heart of show biz—just another curious contradiction that makes it an extraordinary experience.