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Influencer: Geren Lockhart “Around the World in LA”

Most of the time, former designer and fashion branding and media expert Geren Lockhart finds herself traveling just about anywhere and everywhere—but, she points out, Los Angeles is where she owns property, so the city to which she finds herself most closely attached as a homebase. In the spirit of intrepid adventure we asked Geren to embark on a mini-trip around LA, and share with us the authentic, worldly spots that combat her homesickness for the open road.

Korean Spa
A day at the authentically Korean Olympic Spa is like a staycation for me. Saunas, Steams, Scrubs all lead to relaxation.

Japanese Goods
The design-centric Japan focused shop Tortoise General Store makes me feel like I’ve jumped through a portal. The level of curation is to be commended.

Chinese Dim Sum in Los Angeles is exactly like their outposts in China, and they serve my favorite food group, dumplings. 

French Cheese
The Cheese Store of Silverlake is chic and their offerings are solid. I feel like I learn something every time I partake in their world.

Vietnamese Pho
A new addition to the world of Vietnamese food in LA, Pho Cafe is simple, wonderful and oh so tasty.

Italian Leather Goods
Walking into Il Bisonte you are instantly transported to Florence, and their goods never wear out or go out of style.

Finish this sentence: You know you’re in LA when…You see the paparazzi waiting outside baggage claim at the airport.