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Langton Willms opened his menswear boutique, Gerhard Supply, on Dundas in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto this spring, featuring a thoughtful selection of made-in-Toronto designers. Tapping into his native city’s ample talent has proved fruitful for Willms, and given his insight into who’s making great things for men all around town, we asked the shop owner to share his top spots for enjoying the city like that cool gentleman type you could call his target customer.

Best spot to take a first date: Bar Isabel. They serve mostly sharing plates and have a really creative cocktail list. The place is impressive (food, drinks, atmosphere, service) but surprisingly comfortable, laid back and unpretentious. You’ll want to call ahead as they’re packed every night of the week.

Best spot to get a good shave / haircut: I go to Parlour on Ossington … Ask for Suzzi – she is THE BEST!

Best spot to have a gentlemen’s / bachelor party dinner and night out: Are you trying to ruin me with this question? Start at Jumbo Burgers at Runnymede and Dundas. It’s had the same owners for 40 years. It’s the greasiest dive burger joint in Toronto. You’ll hurt in the morning after eating here. They’re fully unaware of how cool they are (or are they?), which makes it that much better.

Then walk over to The Hole in the Wall a little further down Dundas, which is exactly what it’s title suggests that it is. It’s a tiny little bar tucked between two storefronts—it’s essentially a long hallway with a well-stocked bar running its full length. Great craft beers on tap and the odd cask. Great music and bar food. It’s the best place in town to just put away scotch at the bar and catch up on the neighbourhood happenings.

Best spot to get great beer in Toronto: 3030 (3030 Dundas West, in The Junction). It’s a huge space, they have heaps of Ontario craft beer on tap, $5 gourmet bar snacks, live music and a wall of antique pinball machines. It’s a party every time—the place is super live.

Best local menswear labels to shop in Toronto: Outclass Attire and 18 Waits are my favorite Toronto menswear teams right now, hands-down. Rough-luxe fabrics, modern tailoring and attention to detail make these guys what they are. Also keep an eye out for Faded Lifestyle, an up-and-comer that I’m pushing at the shop right now.

Best Holiday Shopping: Easy Tiger, June Records and The Drake General Store. Another good place to find Christmas presents is the One of a Kind Show at the Ex Place—that’s where I do most of mine. Obviously my shop’s a pretty good choice as well!

Finish this sentence: You know you’re in Toronto when…Your mayor is more gangster than your biggest rapper. See: “Worst Behaviour.”