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Breaking Bad, the Symphony (Jan 26th + 27th)


New York exudes a particular magic, especially when it plays host to such events like the One World Symphony’s performance of “Breaking Bad – Ozymandias”, thus bringing together a television show about an Albuquerque meth lab and the Percy Shelley sonnet in a musical composition of five movements exploring Greek themes of hubris and the pursuit of arete (excellence) and kleos (glory). Creative director Sung Jin Hong is set to dazzle audiences with chords to convey the danger of such drug-laden pursuits, and tones and vocals playing through inner conflict and moral chaos. Two performances will be held January 26 and 27.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show, or simply a curious spectator to the possibilities of abstract expression, one thing’s for sure—one man’s downward spiral never sounded so good.