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Culture Watch: Mysteries of the Unseen World


The IMAX theater at the American Museum of Natural History is now equipped for 3D films, and to debut the new technology, the museum will bring to life National Geographic’s “Mysteries of the Unseen World” through June 14th.

Showcasing the cutting-edge advancements in photographic capabilities, the film reveals the miraculous detail of natural objects and phenomena too small to see with the naked eye. Think miniscule insects coming at you in exquisite, hairy detail, and pond bubbles smaller than a pinhead blown up to gigantic proportions. Natural processes from pollination to popping popcorn become illuminated, promising to change the way you pass through the invisibly bustling world every day.

“Mysteries of the Unseen World” premieres Friday, January 10, and runs through June 14, 2014. Visit the museum website for more information.