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Culture Watch: “PURSEverence” by Leslie Wolfe at Roy Boyd Gallery

Art & Design

Like a mad scientist with a flair for couture, artist Leslie Wolfe has concocted a merry band of misfit sculptures from repurposed handbags for “PURSEverence”, opening January 10th at Roy Boyd Gallery in Chicago.

Exquisitely playful pieces like Red Rover, a quilted snap clutch encrusted with red jingle bells and sporting tentacles on four office-chair wheels, and Knit Wit, a silver mini doctor’s bag exploding with sequins and knitting needles, help express the artist’s statement on renewal with an extravagant, tongue-in-cheek display.

Though not a shopping opportunity, the show, which runs through February 15th, offers a fun glimpse at the creative possibilities of our daily accessories hodgepodge.