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Dearly Departed Tours

Out There

Like everything else, Hollywood has a habit for doing death more dramatically than anywhere else. Visitors wishing to eschew the traditional hiking and health food LA itinerary for something a little darker will want to hop on the delightfully bizarre Dearly Departed Tours. Choose between the straightforward, but still no less sinister, Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour, which takes daring passengers through the city’s history of celebrity deaths. Founder Scott Michaels channels his obsession with death into an uncanny narrative of fun facts and shocking secrets that have unfolded over the decades.

Others harboring a fascination for the Manson Family murders will likely be delighted by the Helter Skelter tour, which gives an in-depth, 3.5-hour glimpse into the Tate and LaBianca murders of the late ‘60s, visiting the infamous scenes of the crimes, and sharing insight into the lives of both the murderers and their victims.

Dearly Departed Tour Option TwoRide at your own risk.