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Faran Krentcil Fights off the Cold


The fashion maven’s top five spots to keep warm downtown

Drop into a fashion industry party in NYC and you’ll notice her immediately, bopping around among the armies of blown-out, black-clad statues in outfits only this jack-of-all-trades pixie could dream up. Faran Krentcil brought to the forefront of the style blogosphere from the confines of her bedroom, and now applies her eccentric aesthetic as contributing editor at Elle, digital consultant for Clarins, and more. We asked the perennially energetic Manhattanite how she does winter in style, and she shared her top five winter haunts.

1.  Housingworks Bookstore

This Crosby Street haunt looks like a British estate library, as taken over by Fiona Apple. It’s got floor-to-ceiling hardwood shelves of books, books, mismatched tables and chairs, yummy snacks (including some good vegan options), and a steady stream of readings, story slams, and indie concerts happening throughout the year. Plus, all their proceeds go to charity, so you can stock up on old-school children’s books while helping those affected by AIDS. (I got a hardcover copy of Animalia for $5 there. It’s still on my coffee table!)

2.  The Smile NYC

This little Bond Street restaurant has incredible coffee, a commitment to farm-to-table food (hearts for the avocado baked eggs!), and the best ’70s rock soundtrack since Almost Famous. Plus, since it’s a downtown neighborhood joint, you’ll probably bump into your friends (and / or Sofia Coppola) while grabbing a latte.

3.  What Goes Around Comes Around

If you’re in need of a fur coat, a well-kept vintage piece is your best option. It’s cheaper, it’s got a Margot Tenenbaum vibe, and (most important) it’s already been dead for at least ten years. My stash comes mostly from this mega vintage store, which also has to-die-for pieces like Pucci-patched bell bottoms and ’90s Prada tweeds.

4. Sunshine Cinemas

This landmark movie theater keeps you warm while screening major indie hits, often before the rest of the country gets to see them. Meanwhile, every weekend at midnight, you can see classic movies that range from Some Like It Hot to Ghostbusters, Labyrinth,and North by Northwest. I’m so excited for February 15th, when they bring Breakfast at Tiffany’s back to the big screen!

5.  The Leadbelly

Whiskey? Check. Oysters? Check. Threadbare Persian carpet turned dance floor?  Check.  Also, cute boys. Saturday night no brainer.