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In the Shops: The Evolution Store

Out There

Step into The Evolution Store, a veritable rabbit hole of a shop resembling a 19th-century storefront in Soho neighborhood of New York, and you’ll be instantly transported from the city bustle into a world infinitely more, shall we say, curious. To your left, jars containing fluttering butterflies that seem to be alive until closer inspection, while overhead, a gargantuan moose head oversees operations. Glass cases full of wonderment from raccoon penis bones to mystical crystals to every type of shell to ever wash up on shore line the first floor, while upstairs, adventurous shoppers may pick up lifelike taxidermy figures from jackelopes to coyotes.

Perhaps you’ve just suffered through a holiday gift swap of mall-bought mittens and discount hardcovers, in which case The Evolution Store provides the perfect antidote, and you may resolve to give better, more beautiful and just a bit creepier gifts in the coming year.