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Irv’s Burgers Reopens in West Hollywood

Food & Drink

The sizable cult of Irv’s Burgers aficionados—and anyone who skipped the predictable healthy eating New Year’s resolution this year—can breathe a sigh of relief. The beloved joint is back in business in its new home in West Hollywood, after briefly closing for the remodel without a clear guarantee that it was only temporary.

According to Route 66, Irv’s was set to be evicted from the location it had inhabited since 1950 when developers sought to create some kind of beach surf complex in its place. Thankfully, owner Sonia Hong and the family were able to salvage the classic concept and relocate to its new address at 7998 Santa Monica Boulevard. The burgers will go on flipping, and Hong can get back to serving them up with personalized affirmations on takeaway bags—so go and enjoy, Mr. Sexy Legs.