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Italy Has Arrived in Chicago with Eataly

Food & Drink

One of Chicago’s most-anticipated restaurant/grocery stores has finally opened in River North, and the reviews are in: Eataly is the Italian one-stop shop Chicagoans have been craving downtown. Following its opening week in early December 2013, Eataly had to shut down for one day to restock after having over 120,000 visitors.

The two-story Italian mecca offers up a variety of speciality areas, from a Nutella bar, to a mozzarella “lab,” to a small in-house brewpub. Short of offering up a place to sleep, Eataly has something to offer everyone. The formal restaurant, Baffo (meaning mustache in Italian, because why not), offers a traditional Italian menu divided into appetizers, pastas, meats, and side dishes. There are also several smaller casual dining options throughout the store. Baffo opens daily at 5 pm, but the marinara marketplace opens daily at 10 am (its on Lavazza Coffee Bar opens at 8 am for early birds).

Eataly is located at 43 East Ohio Street, Chicago,IL.