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Kensington Gardens Rooftop Film Club


Brilliantly extending a beloved summer tradition into the colder months, the Kensington Gardens Rooftop Film Club keeps moviegoers warm under the winter stars with a specially heated marquee, hot snacks from the outdoor coal fire BBQ pit, and, of course, plenty of beer and wine to nurse throughout the show. The 2014 program kicks off in February with ‘80s favorites Stand by Me, Top Gun, and The Goonies, with other screenings including rom-com favorites Legally Blonde and About Time, as well as the more recently released (and Oscar-nominated) hit, Gravity.

There’s something about snuggling up outdoors among city rooftops in the London winter that makes the whole movie date experience a lot more romantic than your standard theater outing, and more festive with friends. For a different type of night on—or above—the town, it’s a great bet.