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Secret London Tour

Art & Design

Alternative London Street Tour promises to let visitors in on the secret stuff you won’t find in guidebooks.

For an in-depth glimpse into one important corner of London, Alternative London Street Tours offers walking and bike tours through East London. Their knowledgeable guides focus on the creative significance of the area with a focus on the street art that has come to define the neighborhood. Those interested in this particular aspect of London culture can opt for the original walking tour, one of their unique bike tours, a street art tour with workshop, or an area pub tour.

Unlike the dime-a-dozen cattle-herd tours that lumber through tourist traps behind a guide with a slightly embarrassing baton, Alternative’s small group strolls are led by actual local residents of the area, all professionally involved in their subject matter. Staff is comprised of mostly highly credible street artists with fine arts degrees and years of experience, and tours are conducted in keeping with their passion for their craft. And you know it’s an intelligent operation if they added the option of a pub tour to their roster—you get the same study on area history and culture, but with the added bonus of popping into some of East London’s most charming and well-stocked pubs for drinks to tide you over on the walk.