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A Sweet Sweets Shop

Food & Drink

Suck & Chew satisfies a traditional sugar fix on Valentine’s Day

Behind a cherry red exterior is the real-life candyland Suck & Chew, where traditional British brands of chocolate bars, gobstoppers, gumballs, and gummies are weighed by hand and tied up in old-fashioned penny-candy bags. Varieties reminiscent of childhood spark up a sense of nostalgia to go with the sugar cravings, so if your honey is someone with a hankering for both, this is the spot to shop. Reflector Lollipops, every variety of toffee, licorice whips, bon bons, and chocolate in the form of mice, playing cards, footballs, and crayons abound. An outing to the quaint store in Bethnal Green is part of the fun, so make a date of it.