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Float in Spacetime

Out There

Sensory deprivation and massages to de-stress in Chicago

Chicago’s Spacetime Tanks offer a “vacation in an hour”—referring to the extreme-relaxation technique of sensory deprivation in their flotation tanks.

Essentially, you strip down to float in 10 inches of water in an enclosed tank—that water is loaded with 800 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts and heated to within a few degrees of human body temperature to minimize the difference between air and water. According to the company, this environment—which is also devoid of any noise or visual stimulation—fosters all sorts of mind and body benefits, and likens two hours of soaking to eight hours of deep sleep. Their claims go so far as to cite “super-learning” and peak performance, plus spontaneous reduction of bad habits like smoking.

The unconventional mode of stress-reduction may take a bit of convincing for some, but it’s a low-impact adventure at the very least. Plus, at Spacetime, they offer traditional massages for the slightly fainter of heart.