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Gala Darling X Smyth Tribeca


Earlier this week, one of our favorite bloggers Gala Darling got ready for a staycation at our very own Smyth Tribeca. In her words

I’m perpetually impatient: it is one of my worst qualities. I want it now, if not sooner. It’s all very Veruca Salt. This natural predilection for restlessness becomes even more pronounced at the end of February. I’m so anxious for the weather to warm up that I want to jump out of my skin. I rarely make it to the end of winter before busting out the self-tanner (a weirdly optimistic activity, since I’m going to be seriously swaddled until at least April)!

This is definitely not a feeling that is unique to me. Cabin fever is real, people. So when your apartment feels too small, and you’re beyond bored, you need to bust on out of there and make some changes!

You could get out of the house and go on a staycation, for example, or you could change up your appearance… Or you could combine the two in a fun way!

That’s why, on Monday, I headed to Smyth, a Thompson Hotel to get ready for a romantic evening with my husband. I couldn’t resist surprising him by switching up my look, too!