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Hot Drinks to Beat the Cabin Fever

Food & Drink

It’s cold in Chicago. The city has survived two attacks from northern cold fronts and has lived to tell the tale, but winter brings more than just additional layers and biting winds – it brings hot drinks worth venturing outside. So through on an extra scarf and brave those snowflakes for some beverages that make winter worthwhile.

Banana-Split Hot Cocoa: Available at Chuck’s: A Kerry Simon Kitchen, this hot cocoa has been transformed by mixologists and banana-flavored vodka. A dessert and after-dinner drink combined in one simple mug, this drink is for the child is every adult. Chuck’s recently underwent a complete overhaul, with this being arguably the best menu addition. Chuck’s: A Kerry Simon Kitchen is located in the heart of downtown at 224 N. Michigan Ave.

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate: Choosing a specific hot chocolate here at Mindy’s became an impossible task because not only are the selections vast, but the personalizations abundant. Their cocoas range from Peppermint (french white chocolate, french milk chocolate, and peppermint starlights) to a Black & Tan (1/3 hot fudge, 2/3 medium hot chocolate). Add espresso or chai and choose from farm-stand milks or lactose-free almond and soy milks. P.S. Put some cognac in that Black & Tan Hot Chocolate – it mixes quite well with the homemade marshmallows. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate is available for dinner during the week and brunch on the weekends at 1747 N. Damen Ave.

Dark Matter Coffee, available at Star Lounge Coffee Bar, is worth the trip down Chicago Ave. Considered by many to be the superior coffee choice in all of Chicago, Dark Matter offers more than a smooth drip roast. While the more traditional espresso and coffee choices are top-notch, it’s the specialty drinks that make this coffee bar unique. The Gingersnap Trainwreck has proven to be one of the most popular drinks available, which includes espresso, steamed milk, honey, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and cayenne. If that doesn’t wake you up in the morning, absolutely nothing will. Star Lounge Coffee Bar, serving up Chicago’s finest Dark Matter Coffee, is up early at 2521 W. Chicago Ave.