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House of Horology


The debut collection brings Bedlam to a subterranean space in Soho

House of Horology founder/owner Lawrence Leyderman. Shortly after opening his own space in Soho to showcase his debut watch designs, the second-generation watch man participated in Launch NYC Fashion Week pop-up, and said designs continue to pop up on celebrity wrists everywhere.

With Bedlam, Leyderman introduces a collection defined by an ultra-sporty aesthetic and construction that’s anything but flashy, which can be something of a rarity in watches these days. On the other hand, Bedlam sticks to black on black with models available with bright, but still understated, pops of color.

Besides the house line, House of Horology stocks vintage picks from Bulova, Mondaine, Aeronautica, and more. Best of all, they serve drinks from a kitchenette in the underground space. Collectors, nerds, and casual Soho strollers alike would be wise to stop in.