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The prequel to Toronto’s annual photography festival runs through March 7th

In anticipation of the Contact Photography Festival in May, the Contact Gallery will have on display through March 7th the portfolio reviews of participating entrants. This year’s festival theme is identity, with the show’s curators exploring the communication of certain individual and collective components of our persona, whether as artist, subject, or observer processing the completed works. Their timing is intentional, and they cite our current “hypermediated” culture, in which the taking and sharing of photographs plays a significant role in expressing who we are on a sometimes almost constant basis.

Among the participants in the 2014 gallery are Ian Willms’ “The Road to Nowhere” series tracing the refugee migration of his Mennonite ancestors, as well as an “immersive installation” of constantly streaming amateur images as shared on the Internet entitled “24hours in Photography” by Erik Kessels, which explores the expression and perception of the world through a computer screen.

Contact Photography Gallery portfolio review series will be on display through March 7th, with festival dates and more information publishing on their website after April 1st.