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Photo-Ops and Scenic Makeouts in LA

Out There

Mulholland Drive, Griffith Observatory, and Runyon Canyon offer up spectacular views for romantic adventures

With an abundance of hot spots, cool kids, and it-scenes, LA can be a hard city in which to impress someone. No matter what pops up, or who goes where, however, it’s the city’s views that never fail to sweep someone off their feet, and remind you that it’s still a pretty magical place. This Valentine’s Day, give your date the spectacular backdrop of the city itself, and hit up these three spots for a sexy, whirlwind tour of LA.

Put the top down if that’s an option and cruise east along Mulholland Drive, known for it’s winding turns and vantage points over the city. Along the way are several scenic overlooks to gaze out and see downtown LA, the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Bowl, and, of course, the Hollywood Sign. Whether you go during the day, at sunset, or at night—or all three—is up to you. For a daytime hike with stunning views of the city, get to Runyon Canyon early and ready to walk. Celebrities, Angelenos, and dog owners populate the park right in the heart of the city at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, for the quick escape to nature and breathtaking settings. Finally, Griffith Observatory, built into the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood, overlooks the Los Angeles Basin with downtown LA, Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean in all their glory. For the friends back home, this is definitely the spot to get your photo-op.