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Strip Wax Bar + Boutique — lingerie + waxing = one-stop for your hot spots

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Strip Wax Bar and Lingerie Boutique takes care of your pre-Valentine’s Day to-do list

When it comes to tending to your nether regions this Valentine’s Day, Strip wax bar and lingerie boutique has you covered—well, barely, but that’s the point. In the back, you’ll find the full-service hair-removal salon offering a range of waxing services for body and the 7-step brow procedure, and permanent laser options as well. Once the bikini is up to snuff, shop Strip’s decent array of sexy, mid-price panties, bras, and lingerie from Elle MacPherson, Cosabella, Mary Green, Hanky Panky, and more. Strip also offers skincare and tanning products, as well as waxing aftercare and lingerie accoutrements for washing and wearing. After stripping down and stocking up, you’ll leave soft, manicured, and all kitted up.