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12.29 x Thompson Hotels Custom Scent “Velvet”


Love the scent when you walk into a Thompson Hotel? So do we. Our custom scent “Velvet” was created by the lovely ladies from 12.29, Dawn and Samantha Goldworm. To celebrate our partnership, we’ll be hosting an exclusive pop-up lobby shop at Thompson Chicago from March 13th-March 20th featuring candles from 12.29’s new eponymous candle collection. At the lobby boutique within Thompson Chicago, patrons can pick from three variants: “A Dark Affair” (a dangerous love story that burns and breathes with hints of textured amber, smoked woods, deep resin, and incense); “A Forgotten Memory” (reminiscent of a romantic daydream filled with sumptuous leather, fresh tobacco, and earthy woods entangled in warm spices); or “Forget Everything but Me” (a passionate story of unbridled romance scented in lux saffron, animal notes, dark woods, and resin). Thompson Chicago’s concierge will be on-site to walk visitors through the experience of each scent.We checked in with Dawn and Samantha to get the inside scoop on their creative process, inspiration, and travel tips.
How do you find inspiration for the scents you create? 

Dawn: My inspiration comes from the brands that we partner with.  Every unique brand personality allows for inspiration for a distinct olfactive vision and scent identity.

Can you name a few spots you find inspiring, scent-wise? Can be anything—restaurant, outdoor space, etc!

Dawn: Strange as it may be, I find green markets, food markets and farms very inspiring scent wise.  Cooking is very similar to formulating scents and the ingredients for both are fundamentally important, creating the foundation for creation. I love the color, textures, and smell of vegetables, herbs, fruits, cheese, bread and wine.

Samantha: I find scent inspiration in the mountains…the crisp air, the smell of dirt and minerals and rock and how nature pulls it all together.

Tell us about how you came up with the custom scent for Thompson Hotels? What did you want to convey?

Dawn: The 12.29 custom scent for The Thompson is based on The Thompson signature colors of black and aubergine as well as the textures of leather and velvet. The vision was sinking into a worn- in leather chair in the lounge with a glass of scotch.  Warm, inviting, comfortable, sexy and modern.

If you were to brand a scent for your favorite city, where would it be, and what combination might you blend together?

Dawn and Samantha: It would be New York, of course! It would smell of pavement, gas, exhaust, roasted peanuts, plastic, wild flowers, freshly cut grass and coffee.

Describe your ideal winter day—where would you go to eat, shop, play, etc (and why)? 

Dawn: My perfect winter day would be to stay in bed with the New York Times, tea and my boyfriend till noon. And then meet our friends for bloody Mary’s and lunch at The Dutch. Then stroll through Soho for a bit of shopping. As the sun is setting, slip into a hotel lounge for a hot toddy and a nibble. And then hop on home for a warm candlelit bath before cooking a yummy dinner for the family.

Samantha: My ideal winter day would start by reading a book on the couch, next to a fire place and a large window, watching it snow. After ordering in breakfast from a diner, I might meet friends at the Spotted Pig or Waverley for afternoon drinks, followed by dinner at Da Umberto.

What cities have you resolved to try / visit for the first time in 2014 (and why)? 

Dawn and Samantha: We are heading to Australia for Melbourne Fashion week. A first for both of us! Very exciting! We will also visit Sydney on this trip.

What is a must-see for first-time visitors in our hometown of NYC that they might not find in a guidebook? 

Dawn: The New York Public Library. A landmark. A history. A religion. And it smells so good.

Samantha: One of the old school bagel shops on 1st avenue. You have not been to NY if you have not had a proper NY bagel!

Finish this sentence: You know you’ve found the right scent for you when…

Dawn: someone falls in love with you.