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An Insider goes Outdoors


Toronto’s preeminent interior designer Yanic Simard shares his favorite spaces sans walls and ceilings

Spring may still seem like a bit of a stretch, but among the city’s faithful that temps will rise once again is design maestro, founder of Toronto Interior Design Group, Yanic Simard. Those with a discerning eye for design will recognize his signature style across some of Toronto’s finest interiors, but we wanted to know what  inspires him most in the urban great wide open. Here, he divulges his top five outdoor spots.


Part of a must-visit Toronto restaurant family, the patio especially at Terroni in the design-filled Summerhill neighbourhood captures a spirit of modern elegance – it’s already beautiful in the day, and at night it acquires a sophisticated atmosphere that makes you feel like you could be in New York. Also: amazing Italian food.


I live close enough to this beautiful park to take my Schnoodle Mia out for walks, and there’s also a whole zoo full of animals to inspire my passion for faux llama furs and peacock prints. It’s also a great spot for running in the summertime to fully enjoy the outdoors within the city.


Visiting the island parks doesn’t just mean spending time off the pavement—it also means experiencing some time on the water, because you have to take a boat or ferry to get there. Personally I love the intimate break you get from all crowds on a private water taxi.


When I’m not busy designing I also have a love for soccer. The field has a great view of the Toronto Skyline and I enjoy the atmosphere and buzz taking in a game with friends.


Much of Toronto is very modern and clean, but visiting the Distillery reminds me of my hometown Montreal, with cobblestone paths, brick buildings and great events (like the Jazz Festival). Perfect for a relaxing stroll.