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Jewels by JAR


The Met gets decked in the blinged-out work of contemporary jeweler Joel A. Rosenthal

While critics have been buzzing over the blurred lines of the Met’s decision to showcase the jewel-encrusted commodities of contemporary jeweler Joel A Rosenthal, who goes by his initials, JAR, those of us who may not be able to shell out six figures for a bauble can enjoy an afternoon of ogling for the price of donation.

Through March 9th, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is showing “Jewels by JAR,” a collection of more than 400 pieces by the Paris-based American jewelry designer. Perhaps the correlation between a jewelry designer, whose repertoire is very much for sale on a bespoke basis, and a world-class art museum is the technique with which he constructs his magnificent one-offs. From the subtle color gradients of his masterful pave to the range of shapes from flowers, insects, animals, and fruit to graphic abstractions, JAR has been considered somewhat of a painter, as well as a sculptor, working in his medium of precious gemstones.

Browse the bling through the rest of the week, and slip into a bit of fantasy—which may include, if the weather opens up, a trip up to the rooftop for a cocktail or two.