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Sprout into Spring


Chicago’s home and gardening boutique mecca talks dirty

As the frost thaws, it can be fun to think about all the subterranean adventures you can get into come springtime. One excursion to Sprout Home in West Town and you’ll be instantly transported to a verdant oasis in the heart of Chicago. Explore inside and out to find vessels, tools, home decor items and gifts, freshly arranged floral arrangements and a friendly staff available to talk more about garden design services. The shop’s library is well-stocked with volumes on every kind of related topic, so stock up on knowledge in areas from beekeeping, to organic gardening, to garden remedies, and beyond. The same staff is on hand for Sprout’s classes, which run on an ongoing schedule on subjects like Early Gardens, Terrariums, and more.

Founders Tara Heibel, who runs the Chicago store, and her partner, Tassy de Give, who’s in charge of the Brooklyn outpost, have successfully superseded your grandmother’s garden supply with their sharp, intelligent aesthetic and obvious knowledge and passion for all things gardening. It’s definitely worth a visit to see what you can get growing.