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Sunday Night Sex Talks

Out There

Twenty-Nothings lifestyle scribe brings her troupe of real talk storytellers to NYC

Mixing her musings on the oft-trying tribulations of life and dating with an essential drop of smarts and genuine vulnerability, writer Jessie Rosen’s blog, Twenty-Nothings, hit a mark other, grating sites tend to miss. Hers is a distinctly hilarious, relatable, and honest lens on life’s comic tragedies, hard-learned lessons, and one-night stands, and she brings the tales to life in NYC on March 9 with the latest installment of the monologue series, Sunday Night Sex Talks. For this strictly ladies-only evening (they mean it), no topic is off-limits, and it’s not the usual recycled Sex and the City slapstick you might be thinking of. This is sharply written, marvelously delivered real talk no one can hide from, and won’t want to after taking it all in.

The show features guest host Michelle Buteau, and will be held at the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge on March 9th. For more details visit the event page on Facebook.