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Thompson Hotels Los Angeles x Meghan Sebold


Sunshine by Design: Designer, stylist, boho goddess extraordinaire Meghan Sebold finds her way in LA

We asked recent NYC-LA transplant Meghan Sebold of Afia where she goes to soak up the sunshine, coffee, and inspiration in the land of perpetual springtime. Here, her picks for pick-me-ups, convertible courses, and splashing around.

Despite growing up in Minnesota and living in New York for five years, I never developed a tolerance for winter.  It’s cute for the holidays and a good novel by the fireplace moment, but I prefer not to operate in it.  I moved to LA primarily to be comfortable outdoors as often as possible.  I’ve only been there a few months, but here are a few of my favorites so far.

Best outdoor coffee and mobile office

I get out of bed in the morning because coffee exists.  I have my first cup of coffee at home and then usually have another in the afternoon when I’m out.  Broome Street General Store in Silver Lake is a lovely ivy-wrapped outdoor patio that’s a peaceful place to get computer work done.  Inside is an espresso bar and the “best selection of enticing goods in a small place,” stocked with the masters of product design, including Kinfolk, Pendleton, MCMC frangrance, Squirl, Mast Brothers, Eclectic by Tom Dixon…I leave smelling good and feeling inspired. True & Brave Coffee Roasters in Atwater Village has that wooden/industrial design to its pre-dominantly outdoor seating, and there are succulents on every table.  It’s perfect.

Best Outdoor Eats

Technically it’s open-aired and not outdoors, but regardless, the Grand Street Market is a real treat.  I’m going to make it a mission to spend the entire day there: fresh-squeezed juice and omelet for breakfast, mid-morning coffee, falafel for lunch, boba tea in the afternoon, brandy for happy hour, thai for dinner, crepe for dessert… A person could live there and never run out of victuals & libations options. Also, you love it, I love it…we all love Gjelina, especially the outdoor patio.

Best Drive in the Droptop

California is the land of epic, scenic roadtrips, and you don’t need to leave the city limits to get the liberating feeling of a roadtrip.  Heading North from Santa Monica, Hwy 1/PCH takes you along the coast- before Malibu turn off onto Hwy 27 through Topanga Canyon.   The radio stations get fuzzy and you feel like you’re somewhere remote and wild.  I like to think my favorite rockstars from the 60s are grey haired and having a jam session down an offroad, at the very least their ghosts are.  I recently styled a photo shoot in Corral Canyon in Malibu, also off Hwy 1, and the view of the ocean and hills is breathtaking.

Best Outdoor Space in General

San Francisco has Golden Gate, Manhattan has Central, Brooklyn has Prospect…LA has Griffith Park.  The grounds are sprawling and a maze of roads.  The Observatory has a royal perch over the city with a location-specific view to remind you that yes, you are in Los Angeles and there is the whole city in all its (slightly smog-hazed) glory! You can’t see the smog at night, but you can see a clear view of Orion and other constellations you’ll learn about inside the Griffith Observatory’s museum.