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Modern Cooperative: Past, Presents, and Future Perfect

Art & Design

From the classic , Modern Cooperative in Chicago covers all design bases.

Upon opening, Modern Cooperative owners Mike and Tiffany dispelled a couple of myths in one fell swoop: Not only are they partners on and off the clock, but their curated mix of vintage and modern (and antique and old school glamour and everything in between), proves that sometimes you can have the best of both worlds – all under one roof – and have it look fantastic.

Pieces that look like they were plucked straight from the Mad Men set — think Arne Jacobsen egg chairs and Bassett side tables – live alongside new arrivals on the home scene. Artisanal soaps, Michelle Starbuck Designs jewelry, and totes courtesy of Munie Design round out the bunch.

Their pintsize office pup, Shop Dog, only sweetens the deal. (Unfortunately, he’s not for sale – but he’s a great selling point.)