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Great Taste, Cool City

Writer, editor and consummate foodie Emily Fiffer knows her way around town. More specifically, she knows her way around the best tables in town. She’s founded multiple foodie-based (and chef-approved) indie shopping markets. Sites and sources from Travel & Leisure to Eater have tracked her tastes in everything from next-big chef talents to getting lost in her very own city (in a good way).

Now for the main course: What she’s eating, seeing, and loving on her own time.

How long have you called Chicago home and what neighborhood do you live in? I’ve called Chicago home since I was born. I live in West Town.

Let’s say you’re in the ‘hood. And we’re along for the ride. Where are we headed? 


- A run by Lake Michigan, followed by stretching/people watching along the water (it’s warm and sunny every day in my fantasy).

- A stop by the Poetry Foundation to gaze at its beauty, followed by their Poetry Walking Tour. Nothing sounds better than listening to Gwendolyn Brooks and enjoying the architectural marvels this city has to offer.


-Lunch at The Purple Pig (I’d over-order a smattering of Jimmy Bannos Jr’s genius vegetarian plates), then a stroll up to the Art Institute to see the permanent collection.

- Take the architectural boat tour (the hundredth time or so for me), because it never gets old.

- Stop by Barney’s lower level to peruse perfume and smear fancy oils on my face. Oh, and I’ll keep myself sated with La-Dee-Dah’s, my go-to locally-made sweet.


- I’d start with an outdoor concert at Millennium Park (a late spring/summer standby), then a strong cocktail at The Drawing Room.

- Dinner is at Nico, of course, where money or stomach size are no object. My order: olive bread (my favorite bread in the city, hands down; I could house a loaf by myself), tuna crudo tasting, octopus fettunta, squid ink bucatini, salt-crusted branzino, and all of Amanda Rockman’s desserts to go :) .