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Thompson Hotels Los Angeles Influencers x Crystal Meers


Two doses of L.A. sunshine in just one day? Hitch a ride with this Silver Lake-based writer, editor, and creative consultant.

The thing about Los Angeles is that you can’t get anywhere cool by trying too hard. And you won’t go anywhere cool without crossing paths with Crystal Meers.

She’s left a creative thumbprint on tastemaking sites from DailyCandy and Fathom to Elle (both the U.K. and Japanese editions!) and Nylon. She’s co-created ad campaigns for the likes of J.Crew and JetBlue. And in her spare time? She bakes.

And here’s what else:

How much time do you spend in L.A.?

If I’m not in L.A., you’ll likely find me in New York City (probably eating The Big Salad at Dimes) or maybe visiting my family in Sag Harbor or San Francisco, or working with Afterall in Portland. There’s also always a chance that I’m people-watching in Paris, whale watching in Yelapa, or drinking matcha (or sake!) in Tokyo.

Complete the following: “I know I’m missing L.A. when….”

I start seeking out guacamole in Manhattan.

Let’s say you’re NOT driving in L.A. Where could we find you in walking distance of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel?

You would find me at Olive & June, Sarah Gibson Tuttle’s very lovely nail salon in Beverly Hills, of which I’m the creative director.

Your go-to, last-minute cute dress/top/shoe shop?

Lately, I’ve been bouncing between Creatures of Comfort, Topshop, Acne, and Clare Vivier. I carry a Summer Bummer neoprene zip pouch with me everywhere I go.

People-watching perch?

The lobby at Arclight Cinemas can feel like Cheers sometimes.

A “Nowhere but in L.A.” spot?

I take all my out-of-towners for an elixir at the Erewhon tonic bar. Just reading the menu is an experience! The concept of a $20 probiotic shot (shot!) is enough to blow anyone’s mind. Try a Super Tonic, hold the deer antler, add pearl, rhodiola, maca, and lion’s mane.

Springtime in L.A. means…

The Jacarandas are blooming!