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This way to Cellar Door’s beautiful food stash

When Midwest boys – and brothers none-the-less – get together with a plan, there’s not telling what will happen. In the case of Ethan Pika, Tony Bezsyklo, Alex Truong, and Justin Behlke – the quartet behind Logan Square dining spot and artisan-loved pantry Cellar Door Provisions – they’ll most certainly be delicious. With a capacity of just 20, you know that these four mean business: forget churn and burn, Cellar Door Provisions is special enough to warrant the cozy quarters, and any wait. With the explosion of the Chi-town food scene, it’s holding its own with dishes like carrot salad with elderflower, panzella with spring veggies and boiled egg, and delicious homemade breads. This certainly tops any late night sesh that we’ve ever had. No matter who was hosting.