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The Lion, The Witch, and Her Wardrobe


If grandma’s closet looked like this, we’d never leave.

One turn around the fitting room at new Beverly Hills vintage trove Ludwig, and you’ll soon be convinced that L.A. does have love for the not-young (and some things getting better with age) after all.  We love the fact that everything from the art deco decor, to glistening brass fixtures full of past-decade collectibles — yes, that’s 70’s Oscar and 90s Valentino you’re spotting — can make it feel like shopping a long lost (and incredibly stylish) relative’s secret fashion stash. From lady-like day frocks to saucier cuts, owner Lisa Khakshouri’s sage fashion eye transports lucky shoppers to the decadent past before bringing them up to speed on all things classic, totally covetable, and one-of-a-kind on present-day streets.  Go on and thank her.