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They’ve Got the Beat


Out, about, and under-the-radar cool with Pound workout founders Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom
Confidence. Good vibes. And the right to just plain rock the eff out. So go a few tenets of cult-loved, drumming-based workout Pound. Spend a session with founders Kirsten and Cristina, and leave poised for killer arms and a beat-driven endorphin rush.
Spend a day with them, and a whirlwind circuit of organic food markets, outdoor concerts, and hip hangout spots are sure to leave you smiling, too. Get a move on and get into the groove with their L.A.-based favorites.
We’ve been all over the world. No matter the location, no matter the review, we say Bestia is the best, hands down. We snag a reservation when nothing else will satifsy our cravings for octopus carpacciio, burrata and fermented chile pizza, and the best craft cocktails in town (or the country for that matter).
What’s better than beats and beach? Nothing! That’s why we anxiously await the Summer Concert Series on the Santa Monica Pier each year! It’s such a festive, local scene, and the bands and comedy acts that roll through are pretty awesome, too. It doesn’t hurt that the pier is walking distance from our houses and the office, either!
In Santa Monica language, Sunday morning is code for Farmer’s Market! We grab our bags, grab the pup (Sophie) and scoot over to Main Street for a little grocery shopping/outdoor appreciation/people-watching sesh each week. Hitting the Farmer’s Market is so fun, it makes us forget we’re actually being responsible adults. Score!
Head to A Frame if you: (one) want to be architecturally impressed by an old iHop building, (two) want to unwind at the end of a long work day, and (three) want to be tickled by the absolutely clever menu and branding. (We dig the attention to detail.) We also love the pickle platter, the fish tacos, and the King Swizzle Cocktail.
This one’s pretty hip, guys. Family-style tables. Dim lights. Nautical theme. We come here to hideaway and stuff ourselves with all the tasty catches the ocean has to offer. Fish is Son of a Gun’s specialty, but we also dig that they have plenty of veggies and light options on the menu that are far-from-light in the taste department!