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Pretty Is As Pretty Does: Johanna Lowe’s gorgeous take on Chicago

It’s been said that those who can do, those who can’t teach, and both those that can and those that do should enlist a stylist gifted as Johanna Lowe. The London-born, Michigan-bred photographer, stylist, and vintage collector’s store Martyn George is a haven for those on the hunt for a beautiful space to take photos…or a treasure to call their own. Here’s where to find her scouting, outing, and about-ing when she’s not making the world a prettier place.

1. The cobblestone alleyway leading between RM Champagne Salon and Green St. Smoked Meats totally reminds me of home back in London and calls on me to refer to my roots for inspiration. (Btw, I consulted for RM when they first opened and sourced a lot of vintage glass plates for their dining room.)

2.  The kitchens at the French Pastry School. Having done two short courses there, and working as stylist on Jacquy Pfeiffer’s cookbook, I find the school to be an encouraging and aspirational environment. It helps me remember that order and beauty is possible even in a cloud of flour.

3. Parchment Studio, my Bucktown urban oasis. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful studio space, with two walled courtyards where I can breakfast on the dawning sun eastside and cocktail on the dusky sunny westside. It’s also a space that I rent out to other photographers, so there is always something inspiring going on.

4Jayson Home is a place I go to for visual inspiration.  The mix of old and new is very much attune to my aesthetic and I love the way the geography of the interior leads you to meander around.  I have worked on styling their catalogs in the past with the very talented and lovely photographer Nic Gourguechon.

5. Being under the tracks on Lake Street. I find it so invigorating to drive or walk underneath this structure. At any given moment there are shafts of light, clamors, cacophonies, a distillation of abrupt and beautiful sensations that, unlike the cobblestone alley, remind me absolutely that I am in America.