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An American in London: Expat Robin Reetz Takes Us Along for the Ride

American fashion writer Robin Reetz studied style in the south, interned at Vogue, and even dabbled in accessories design before hopping the pond for London. Fun fact? Her very New York wedding included a guest reception at the Smyth TriBeCa.

Suffice to say: Nearly everyone who reads her blog Second Floor Flat instantly falls for both her eye—and her taste. But if you’re only in town for a few days (or nights) we suggest skimming notes from the list below—a roundup of some of her London musts. Ready? Set? You’re welcome.

Regent’s Canal

London has New York beat in the public park department. A great way to explore the city’s natural side is to walk along Regent’s Canal, which runs from East to West London. Begin walking in West London, near Paddington Station. Once you arrive in Hackney stop by Towpath, located right on the canal, for a glass of freshly squeeze blood orange juice or—better yet—a glass of wine.

Borough Market

I first visited Borough Market on a trip to London several years ago. I’ve now lived in this city for two years and still make the trip to the market, located in Southwark near London Bridge, as much as possible. Fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, juices, pastries and just about everything else you can imagine are sold by vendors hailing from all over the UK. Grab a take away Pimm’s Cup (a must when you’re in Britain) and stroll through the market, which will prove to be a feast for the eyes and ears.


This Southern gal is glad to report that good barbecue exists in London at Clerkenwell’s Foxlow. Start with one of their many delicious cocktails (my favorite is the gin-based Tom Ford), go for the Eight Hour Bacon Rib, and finish with a Bourbon Caramel Sundae. Frank Underwood would approve.

Brixton Market

London wouldn’t be London without its markets and another that has to be mentioned is located in South London’s Brixton neighborhood. Spend some time at Brixton Village on the weekends and explore its wide variety of shops and restaurants. I always leave feeling inspired.

Columbia Road

Picture a tiny, charming London street filled with flowers and wonderfully cliché vendors. Add in some live music and a few earnest shops peddling the wares of local artisans and you’ve got Columbia Road Market on a Sunday. Get your camera ready, because this is a blogger’s paradise and, quite possible, my favorite place in the capital.