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Thompson Hotels NYC Influencers X Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat


When Detox Meets Designer: Ethical fashion retail pioneers Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat give up the goods — and their NYC picks.

Free your mind, and great style will follow. So goes the gist of, which has emerged as the golden child of the ethical fashion world—and a hands-down favorite among indie and designer label fashion fans on the hunt for damn fine-looking (and sustainably made) goods.

Founders Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi took a pause for our cause and gave a rundown of the city spots that keep them inspired off the clock.


Neue Galerie
Museums in New York can be intimidatingly large. The Neue Galerie is bite size and exhibits art from my favorite painters: [Gustav] Klimpt, [Egon] Schiele, [Oskar] Kokoschka. Also, if you get hungry you can visit their restaurant, Cafe Sabarsky, which serves flaky apple strudel and transports you straight to Vienna!

All Good Things 

This little market (with a secret restaurant of the same name in the back) does no advertising, so it’s very much a hidden neighborhood treasure. There is a terrific florist, an incredible selection of cheeses and meats, and a cup of coffee that elevates the beverage into an art form. A wonderful stop in a walk through Tribeca

Russian Turkish Baths 
These East Village baths are the real deal. Step out of New York and into Mother Russia. I can spend a good afternoon here jumping from one sauna to the next.  And I always come out feeling relaxed and ready for a busy New York day. (Get the oak leaf service. You can thank me later).

The West Side Highway at Hudson River Park
I’m in the final stretch of training for a half marathon. The West Side Highway is my go-to spot. It stretches on for miles and is a wonderful place to people watch and look out onto the Hudson River.


Shakespeare in the Park  
For as long as I can remember, my family and I have seen Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park with my family produced by the Public Theater.  This season, which begins on June 10th, will feature a performance of Much Ado About Nothing, a favorite comedy.  I won’t miss it.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Nothing is as beautiful as the first sight of Spring, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden never ceases to impress with its curation of the world’s most beautiful, exotic flowers and plant life. It’s an ideal spot for a summer date with yourself. Just bring a towel, a diary, a book and a great playlist.

Radio City Music Hall
It’s about as New York as it gets and most everyone goes in the winter to see The Rockettes. It’s fun in the summertime too. This July Aretha Franklin will be performing, I hear!

Washington Square Park Dog Run 
This is the newly renovated Dog Run in Washington Square Park and it’s heavenly. Warning: You may only go inside with a pup in hand, but the benches on the outskirts of the run are ideal for puppy-spotting. I go with my dog every morning, coffee in hand, just to read The Times and relax.