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Thomson Hotels Toronto Influencers X Jay Strut


He blogs. He pigeon-foot poses. He sources priceless archive and not-yet-for-sale runway designs like it was his job (because very oftent, it actually is) at the drop of a fedora. Toronto-based Jay Strut is known as Canada’s answer to the fashion hotline. When it comes to his personal picks, however, they hit super close to home (and in the case of his last pick, an Instagram hashtag). Try to keep up – you won’t be sorry.

Powder Toronto
Has to be one of the prettiest designer boutiques in our country! They specialize in couture evening gowns, bridal, accessories, shoes, etc. After an awards show like the Oscar’s, Grammy’s or whatever it may be, I always go there to see the celebrity gowns up close.

This place is undoubtedly an all-in-one perfect experience for getting glam or getting rejuvenated. It’s the TOP hair salon in Canada and the overall ambience matches the expertise behind the chairs. It’s an experience—almost as though you’ve been whisked away to Paris.

LEE Restaurant
This has to be my favorite spot in the city to have a delicious dinner. I tell everyone, if you haven’t been to Lee Restaurant, you have NOT been to Toronto! It is a must.

416 Snackbar 
Now, if I am just in the mood for a little bite and some drinks with friends, I go to 416 Snackbar! It’s the perfect place to just hang out, chill out, and enjoy some good company and cocktails.

This is a weekend pool party me and my friends have at the Policaro’s. During the summer when we want to get away of the crazy city life, we head north with our swimming shorts!