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You can look all you want (then shop online later) at Vanessa Traina’s impeccably decked out Apartment by The Line

We’ve all been there. One step into an always-stylish friend’s sweet new digs, and are overcome with emotion: jealousy.

It girl and fashion stylist Vanessa Traina has dreamed up a thoroughly cathartic way to work with it all – one purchase at a time, via her new experiential lifestyle shop, The Apartment by The Line Clothing.

The space is just as it sounds — a chic Soho aerie (that’s cool-speak for “roost”) dating back to the 1800s, and totally outfitted with minimal, must-have lifestyle goods from body products to clothing. The key hooks are decked out with Mansur Gavriel bags. The sitting salon happens house a midnight blue Las Venas Ludlow sofa. (And pause for swoon.)

The beauty of the shop (apart from the obvious) is that the in-person product immersion is just that – completely in context, and unfettered by the temptation to shop. It. All.

Until the moment you walk out the door and hit the site. We trust you’ll feel right at home.