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Keep L.A. (even more) beautiful

Art & Design

Wildflowering L.A. makes the scene even more beautiful

It’s no secret that this town is known for good-looking inhabitants. So in the spirit of going with the flow, don’t pass up a day date with Wildflowering L.A.  – the most serenity-inducing take on gorilla street art we’ve ever seen – or smelled.

We love the idea of a painless facelift, and this is just that: the project is the result of a beautiful pairing of LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) and the Theodore Payne Foundation. Blank canvasses come in the form of vacant lawns and lots, and are perfect for a vibrant floral palette.

Now, no matter your cup of tea, you will be guaranteed to see some pretty young things while you’re in town. And (within reason) to take your pick.