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Come Hither, Comey


Be still our bank accounts. Designer darling Rachel Comey’s new boutique is a knock-out.

From covetable ankle booties, to perforated totes and quirked up jumpers, cool girl go-to Rachel Comey has always delivered on goods that mix idiosyncrasy and too-cool-for-schoolness. Her first ever storefront is a lesson in both.

Pop by 95 Crosby Street for designs that were previously only shop-able online (read: not as much fun to shop alone) or in a big box department store (read: not nearly as cool to shop with the masses).

Oxblood leather seating, stark white and wooden walls, and shoe pedestals (she’s not a cult-followed clog maker for nothing) will make followers (and spenders) out of anyone.

But if you don’t believe us? Just check yourself out in the mirror.