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Thompson Hotel London Influencers x Henry Graham


Stylish men always seem to have a way with words and wardrobes. When it comes to those of action? One’s gotta know where to look. Case and point? Henry Graham, all around sartorial master and co-founder of menswear shop Wolf & Badger. Here are his go-tos: 

Clifton Nurseries 

Great for a weekend breakfast away from the crowds and in beautiful surroundings. The award-winning nursery has won awards at Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show several times for their displays. Also? The lovely (but grumpy) cat in the house plants section called Mrs Miggins.

Lacy Gallery

Antique and period picture frames. There are no modern reproductions and all items are one-of-a-kind and unique. Visiting always inspires me to re-frame one of my pictures or go and buy a new one that I can then choose a frame for.

The shop itself is also amazing to look at.

Golborn Road Market

One of the last remaining streets in London with a diverse and eclectic range of affordable antique dealers that hasn’t been spooled by chain stores and pop-ups selling novelty t-shirts. The perfect place to spend an afternoon looking for a gift or for something unusual for your home.

Opera Tavern

Still one of my favorite restaurants in London. Great atmosphere, delicious and inventive plates of tapas, and a great wine list.