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Out There

Itty-bitty museum with profound intentions

You know the saying, big things come in small packages? Well, at the Mmuseumm, great, big things come in a tiny elevator shaft. Yes, you read all of that correctly, including the spelling of this unique Mmuseumm. Just a ten-minute walk from Smyth Tribeca, visit this unusual and tiny place to explore contemporary objects that reflect the juxtaposition of complexity revealed in things simple and small. The Mmusuemm’s website state’s the purpose of the museum as, “dedicated to the exploration of the proof of our existence… by examining the smaller things, the vernacular, we are able to look at the big one, life itself, or at least start to see its edges.”

The things you find here may be tiny, but they have a certain shock value; as one of the museum’s co-creators puts it, “If it does not completely and utterly blow our minds, we don’t even consider it [as a part of the collection].” In its third season, expect to find oddball objects like 200 dead mosquitoes that were killed mid-bite in New Delhi and artifacts of daily life from North Korea. So since you’re in the neighborhood, stop by over the weekend (it’s not open on weekdays) and stroll the small space for free or give a donation and appreciate the little things in life.