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These Venetian Pools will have you experiencing the best of both world: Venice and Paradise

When Time Out Miami calls this location “possibly the most beautiful swimming pool in the world,” it’s definitely a mandatory addition to your list of things to do. Originally built in the 1920s as a place for movie stars like Ester Williams and Jonny Weissmuller to get some R&R, The Venetian Pool at Coral Gables is an experience rich with history and full of fun and relaxation to be had.

The pool was built from a coral rock quarry and is still refilled on a daily basis with water from a nearby aquifer. From its name, you can gather that the original plan was to build a space that mimicked the juxtaposition of natural and architectural beauty of Venice. With the beautiful landscape of southern Florida as a backdrop to loggias, porticos, and a signature bridge, the Venetian style is absolutely present.

Sunbathe by the pool, go for a long swim beneath waterfalls and through cave-like grottos, or climb the two towers that offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. The architecture may make you feel like you’re in Venice, but overall the Venetian Pool will make you feel right at home in paradise.