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Rush Lane

Food & Drink

Rush on over, then take it easy

You’ll find some of Toronto’s most experienced bartenders in this new Queen West bar, serving the craftiest cocktails around. In the pursuit of cocktail excellence, served up with some creative, cozy bar snacks, we will be rushing on over to try it out. Look for unique ingredients on the cocktail list like beet Grenadine, hopped grapefruit bitters, and vodka that has been banned in the States since the late seventies. For snacks, think comfort food with a twist: corn dogs from pigs head, root beer floats made from frozen vanilla meringue, and carrots garnished with mezcal.

But the intrigue doesn’t end with the food: take a walk to the back of the bar and catch a glimpse of Rush Lane’s not-so-secret laboratory, of sorts. This glass window offers bar-goers the opportunity to see what goes into the making of these cocktails.