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A foodie, who’s funny: A founding editor of The Dishh offers up a list of delicious joints across town with some hilarious commentary on the side.


I love shake shack and Whitman’s, but when I crave a burger, I crave the bronte burger from Ruby’s. I don’t know what kind of crack they put in the meat, but it’s the most delicious burger meat I think I’ve ever had. Obviously the only way to order a burger is medium rare, and this burger is so juicy that I do not recommend getting it delivered unless you want soggy bread.


My favorite food is steak tartare, and my friend, who is a steak tartare connoisseur, told me Casimir has the best steak tartare in NYC. So far, I agree. The french onion soup is also phenomenal.

Ray’s Candy Shop

East Village late night for all those wild cravings. Two words: fried Oreos. He also gives you A COFFEE CUP FILLED WITH KETCHUP when you order French fries, which is a first for me. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t changed his prices in 20 years. This guy is 82 years old, and he still works the night shift.

Frank Restaurant 

The difference between burrata and fresh mozzarella is that they only stretch out the burrata and fold it into itself ONCE. That’s what makes it so gooey inside, kind of like a gusher made of cheese. Frank gets their burrata fresh from Italy, and it is the best cheese you will spend $20 on. Seriously, google the pictures. They also named their bar Vera Bar. It wasn’t named after me, but I pretend it was.

Prince Street Pizza

Everyone has a different “favorite” pizza place. My first favorite was South Brooklyn, but then they closed the East Village location. Prince street is in soho, and if you’re down to walk for dessert, I recommend Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.


Have I said too many cheese-related places? Oh my God. Just look at the menu. LOOK AT IT!!!!