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Vizcaya Gardens & Museum

Art & Design

A slice of the Italian Renaissance in Miami

Perfect for a peaceful, yet contemplative afternoon, Vizcaya Gardens and Museum on Biscayne Bay is a National Historic Landmark that is more than just a pretty place. Often described as one of the finest private houses ever built in America, this Coconut Grove villa owes its architectural inspiration to the Italian Renaissance. Visit Vizcaya for the day, wander the lush gardens, and enjoy some tea at the café.

Much like Rome, Vizcaya was not built in a day. James Deering, a turn of the 20th century agriculture businessman and socialite, commissioned the project, dreaming that Vizcaya would one day be his home to spend the winter months. The process of building this luxurious home and manicuring the surrounding gardens took over a decade.

Rich in history, the estate is an ideal location for housing art and antique furnishings, though no piece of artwork will match the magnificence of the villa itself.