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Downtown Delights


The Downtown Flea in Los Angeles brings the cool back to craft 

Think less arts and crafts, but cooler.  L.A.’s Downtown Flea is an under-one-roof mecca for artisans wares. (By the way, said roof happens to include soaring ceilings, exposed brick walls, and 10,000 square feet just begging for perusing. Bring your walking shoes.)

Every piece – whether home décor, clothing or jewelry feels that much more special after dealing directly with the hands and artists that brought them to the table in the first place. Cut out the middle man and cut straight to the artful converstion. (Bargaining is totally allowed, too).

With open hours every Friday through Sunday until 7 PM, it’s the perfect weekend shopping or gifting pitstop – and a perfectly style cross-section of L.A.’s finest talent that you won’t find on Rodeo Drive.

Save that for another credit card.