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Hometown Glory


Indochino puts down good-looking roots in downtown Toronto

It’s not everyday that a rising fashion star gives up some of the credit. In Indochino’s case, co-founders (and U of Victoria grads) Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani are doing TO one better.

As a means of thanks for the homegrown support (and hundreds of dapper clients to show for it) the once online-only tailor and suit label just signed a lease to turn their downtown pop-up space into a semi-permanent salon and showroom. 

Hit the showroom now through December – and with any luck, much longer than that – for a half-hour appointment and one-on-one customer service from men who sell style from their heads (perfecty parted, faded, or fedora-topped) to their toes (see: perfectly patterned socks and sleek wingtips) and await a suit within four weeks of your visit.

Everything from the jacket linings to quirky tie embroidery themes like vintage bikes and maple leaves are available by request. We suggest taking them up on both.