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Thompson Hotels Toronto Influencers X Sean Brown


A man wants what he wants. Fortunately for Toronto, Needs & Wants designer, Sean Brown knows what we all want when it comes to beautiful menswear, endless streams of inspiration, and snippets from his daydreams and design plans via his gorgeous blog, By Sean Brown.

Here’s a taste of his real-life inspo haunts.

Allan Gardens
This is the place you head to when you want to forget about everything for a second. A horticultural sanctuary tucked away just behind College Street. We’ve shot a few ads here, but sometimes I just go on my own with an iPod and just reflect.

Blue Button Shop
High end brands straight from Japan all under one roof. What I’ve come to admire about their inviting retail experience is a focus on the lifestyle component — with a unique selection of stationary and imported magazines.

This little French bakery on Harbord Street makes their own cheese and bread. There’s a macaroni (with cheese) on the menu that became my weekly ritual.

Presse Internationale Shope
I think this may be a franchise started in Montreal, but I stumbled upon one when I moved to The Annex. For me, this is easily the best magazine store in the city. A huge selection of imported titles and newspapers.  They stock the stuff the commercial retailers don’t. You’d never know walking by because of the discreet convenience store looking storefront.

Colette Grand Café
This is why the French are praised. The outdoor patio alone is reason enough to believe you were somewhere in France.

Purveyors and importers of luxury plants. Your one stop shop for plant life in both large and small sizes. They had Rick Ross playing one time I visited—that alone is reason to go.